Betting companies offer to drop exclusive FA Cup coverage after criticism

January 16, 2020 0 Comments

Finding an answer remains complex because the prospect of the FA streaming matches for free of charge on its website could cause it difficulties with the BBC and BT Sport, which have purchased the broadcasting rights.

The FA had said that from the 2021-22 season its new broadcasting deal, which can see the FA Cup broadcast on free-to air television by the BBC and ITV, not BT Sport, also will allow it to point out matches not picked by the broadcasters on its own website. therefore the exclusivity of the deals done by the seven UK betting companies will not apply from then anyway.

MPs from all parties lined abreast of Thursday to condemn the FA’s commercial tie-up with the gambling companies after an urgent question tabled by the Labour MP Carolyn Harris, who branded the deal “shameful”. Several MPs expressed concern about gambling’s hold on football and criticised the FA for signing a deal that allowed betting companies to point out FA Cup third-round matches, compared to only with two on free-to-air TV, to customers who opened an account or placed a bet. agen judi

Adams suggested that he was considering cutting government funding unless the FA found how to tug the deals, responding to the decision by the previous Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith for the govt to try to to so by saying: “That will considerably get on my agenda.”

Other government sources said, however, that was extremely unlikely because the cash paid via Sport England, £14.6m from 2017-21 and £2m annually for coaching, supports grassroots football participation programmes and isn’t conditional on governing bodies’ commercial arrangements.

“I’ve been very clear that the govt has asked the FA to seem in the least avenues to review this element of their broadcasting agreement,” said Adams, telling MPs that he had summoned the FA for a gathering next week and would “see what opportunities there are to rescind this a part of the deal”.

Audience numbers for the third-round matches shown on gambling websites aren’t publicly available as only the betting companies themselves have the info , but they’re thought to be relatively small, given the games available are those not picked by broadcasters for a wider audience, and not beginning at 3pm on a Saturday. The FA had acknowledged that this also means from the fourth round on, there are only a few matches available to betting companies, because most non-3pm Saturday matches are shown on television.

The discussion in parliament saw widespread support from all parties for reform of the Gambling Act passed in 2005 under Tony Blair’s Labour government, which liberalised regulation of the betting industry and has led to the explosion in advertising by gambling companies, and proliferation of offers and marketing.

The Conservative election manifesto committed the govt to a review of the act, which it called “analogue legislation during a digital age” and Labour has also involved the act to get replaced .